The Academy

The Obstacle Course

Session 2

When Welwyn and Makus awoke, they were aided by Borowyn Hanli and Vergo Feathertail who were searching for the missing caravan. The cultists were pursued by several others, who eventually found Arias, but the strange agressors had disappeared. They were transported to the hospital wing of The Academy where they got much needed bedrest. Welwyn was too damaged to begin classes the next day, but Markus went on to meet his fellow apprentices. after some exploring of the large academy building, Vergo approached them and asked the party to follow him for the initiation test. After descending a long staircase into the depths of the academy, the party began preparing to enter an “obstacle course” of sorts. Vergo left, and the party jumped right into the action. The first section of the course was a strange room, with a large chasm in the middle, chains hanging across to the other side. Noka the Inquisitor used his knowledge of common dungeon traps to identify a pressure plate which Markus had noticed on the floor. putting enough weight on the pressure plate would cause a tile of the floor in front of it to raise 10ft upwards, and they found that they must have someone on it, to reach the chains. As Chen, the Ninja jumped to the closest chain, a platform jutted out of the wall. The party soon discovered that they must time their jumps together, to get the whole part across the chasm. When they all safely reached the other side, Arias bolted into the next room ahead of them, thinking the obstacle course was some kind of race. The rest of the party entered the room to find that its was just that: A simple room with four doors, and one entrance. Markus noticed that the opposite wall had been resealed, however, and Noka used his morning star to beat a small hole into the wall. Chen slipped through the small hole and began identifying the strange room.

an excerpt from the campaign:

As you walk through the door, on to the next room, before you even see anything, you feel an overwhelming negative presence. Before you lies a long narrow stone brick walkway. there are no guardrails or ropes lining the edges. Around the walkway an abyssal, phantasmal essence eeks its way in a radial progression about the “room” if one can call it that. There are no walls, no floor below the walkway and no ceiling. the essence provides some dull light, but its just enough to see with a faint greenish blue glow. Across the walkway on the other side, you can see two doors, and two humanoid figures.

the two figures presented the party with a riddle, which Markus had heard in his youth. He chose to stay quiet to see if the rest of the party could figure it out. When they couldn’t, Markus simply asked one guard, “If I asked the other guard, which door leads to the exit?” The guard he asked, who always tells the truth told him that the other guard would say “Left” If he asked the other guard, who always lies, he would receive the same answer. He knew that the correct door must then be the door on the right. They waked through the door, and the clean cut slate structure they had been in turned into a misty forest. Arias had already bolted ahead of the rest of the party and was up on a walkway. Throwing a lever he shouted “This should keep you busy till I finish the course!” laughed, and ran away. Green eyes lit up in the forest, and emerged to show a large wood golem. This was not supposed to be part of the test, but was actually a training golem, that was set to go off, and then attack the fighters below to practice. People could then watch from the viewing walkway safely above. Markus attacked the beast head on, while Noka got to a safe distance to start shooting at it. Chen ran straight for the lever, to try to “turn it off”. Markus was pounded flat by the golem, and began dying. Noka and Chen did all they could to kill the golem and save their friend. after some time, they triumphed, and rushed to their friend to stabilize him. Stumbling to the end of the course, the party saw Arias talking with Vergo, who scolded Arias for throwing the switch in an attempt to slow them down, even though it wasn’t a competition. Markus got angry and began to shout at Arias, but Vergo stopped him and said: “Markus, you have a right to be angry, but believe me when I say, you dont want to feed that emption”



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