The Academy

The Story of Welwyn


The winter wind brushed over the small town of Kassen. The villagers gathered in the alleys behind the great town square where the chosen children were. Every 4 years or so, Mayor Uptim would select four or five kids on the verge of adulthood, and let them live out the adventure they had always hoped for. Uptim stood now, in front of the “mourning” villagers, who were all dressed in black robes, as if preparing for a funeral. There was no death in the village, but something was afoot. Mayor Uptim turned to his gaggle of village mages and hurried them off towards the crypt. It was time for them to set the illusions.
The truth was that there was really no peril for the two adventurers that day. well, at least no planned peril. No one in the village knew the evil mercenary Asar from centuries ago had risen from the dead, and had begun resurrecting the corpses of the very crypt that Welwyn and Eidrich were heading to now. They faced minor perils from nature on the road to the crypt, but the danger lurked in the dark halls of the everflame. As soon as the two entered, the ancient bones that littered the musky floor of the tomb rattled, and took form. Eidrich and Welywn found themselves in the thick of an undead brawl. Ten or so possessed skeletons ambushed them. Welwyn and Eidrich fought as hard as they could, but it was too much for Eidrich. Seeing his lifelong friend slain in cold blood before him, Welwyn unleashed his fury, and defeated the remaining skeletons alone. He trudged through the blackness of the crypt to the everflame, his objective. Guarding it was Asar, the undead mercenary. The battle was epic, neither side seemed to waver. Just as welwyn had lost hope, something primal snarled from within him. When Welwyn awoke, he was standing over the redead corpse of Asar, with the silver lantern in hand. He knew what he had to do. He lit the lantern and staggered out of the tomb only to find an academy knight waiting for him.



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